Children’s furniture – children’s toys can cause lead poisoning in children?

In addition to children’s furniture, the most frequently contacted by children is toys.Children’s toys basically use spray paint, such as metal children’s toys, blocks of paint with colored paint, injection molding toys, patterned balloons, book catalogs, etc. Even for plush children’s toys, the eyes of the above dolls or small animals The lips are sprayed with paint, and most of the paint contains lead. Children holding toys to sleep, to kiss toys and to eat without washing their hands, are prone to lead poisoning.

Children's furniture - children's toys can cause lead poisoning in children?

Many of the children’s toys for children come mainly from low-priced bazaars, and these toys are not safe.

Parents buying lead for their children is currently recognized as one of the environmental toxins that affect the development of the central nervous system.

The absorption rate of lead in children’s gastrointestinal tract is about 5 times higher than that of adults. Because children’s central nervous system is not fully developed, the toxicity to lead is more sensitive than that of adults.

Lead poisoning affects children’s ability of thinking judgment, reaction speed, reading ability and attention, which makes children’s academic performance poor and dropout rate increase.

Students who often complain that their grades are not good, may be the lead in the brain. Children’s toys and pictures made of lead paint or paint are one of the main ways of lead exposure, which leads to lead poisoning in infants and young children.

Children’s lead exceeds the standard and there is a certain way to lead. There are many ways to discharge lead. As a preventive treatment, it can block the absorption of some external lead and partially excrete the lead in the blood.

But the safest for children is nutrient intervention. It is best to use the only lead-lead oral solution approved by the Ministry of Health to promote lead-extraction + enhance immunity. Yi Tong grows lead and oral liquid is good!

It is a health supplement that promotes lead and enhances immunity. No side effects. Only the combination of lead and strong body is the cure for both the symptoms and the symptoms, so taking the lead-lead oral solution is really useful.

Because Yitong Growth Oral Liquid can also supplement trace elements such as zinc while discharging lead, long-term use is very helpful for children’s growth and development.

Children’s toys should go to formal, reputable big shopping malls, manufacturers of products into the mall need 8 certificates, including product safety testing certificate.

The paint used for children’s toys must be non-toxic paint, that is, the lead content in the paint meets national safety standards. Parents should pay attention to the warning words when buying toys, and see the appropriate age of the children indicated on the toys.

The content of heavy metals such as lead and mercury in inferior children’s toys may exceed the standard. Children who love to eat and bite things are most vulnerable to lead poisoning.

Many painted children’s toys, such as metal toys, colored bricks, injection molding toys, patterned balloons, book catalogs, etc., plush toys, eyes and lips also have paint on them. Children who like to sleep with toys and kiss toys may suffer from lead poisoning. .

When choosing a toy, you must first recognize whether there is a national product safety certification mark (3C certification). It is best to choose a well-known manufacturer’s product. The toy should be applied to the baby’s age range, and also consider the following aspects:

Children's furniture - children's toys can cause lead poisoning in children?

First, mechanical injury:

Whether the toy has burrs, whether the edges are smooth, and whether the edges are sharp.

Whether the parts and screws of the toy are firm and the various belt transmissions are safe.

Whether the rope is easy to wrap around the baby’s limbs, whether the small parts are likely to cause the baby to swallow, stuff the nostrils and the ear canal, and whether the gap of the toy is likely to cause pinching of the baby’s limbs.

Second, material pollution:

It includes pollution of paint (heavy metal, chemical dye contamination), materials (including fillers, plastic products and plastic film) to prevent pollution damage to the baby.

Third, sound and light pollution and injury:

Noise and various glare are easy to cause damage to the child’s visual and auditory sense, while paying attention to tone, sound quality, rhythm, rhythm, tone, etc.

four, Electrical injury: Whether the power supply and switch of the electric toy are safe, whether it produces heat or burns after use.

Of course, we must also look at the quality of children’s toys. I buy toys for our babies and never buy them with poor quality. I am afraid that I will not be qualified. Therefore, good quality toys will not lead to lead poisoning.

In addition to children’s toys, our children’s bedroom furniture is also very important, because we have to sleep, to be in close contact with it, so choose safe children’s bedroom furniture to ensure the health of children.

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