Children’s furniture – Hape toys, started in Germany 27 years ago

Hape Toys Co., Ltd. joined in the hope of helping the children of the world realize their dreams. This wonderful wish began in Germany 27 years ago.

In the 1980s, in a small town called Mücke in Hessen, Germany, a young caster welcomed his first child. Because his childhood and wood toys have a close relationship, in order to let his baby have the same rich childhood as other children, he simply began to make kids toys by himself.

Children's furniture - Hape toys, started in Germany 27 years ago

In this way, the child has a different childhood, and his father’s wooden toys are becoming more and more distinctive, and the craftsmanship is becoming more and more exquisite. At the strong request of some local kindergartens, he started from the provision of preschool props and embarked on the road of research and development of toys. This is Hape’s early company Handstein Peter Kindergarten Service (hereinafter referred to as HaPe Kiga Service) (Hape Kindergarten Service).

This father is Mr. Peter Handstein, founder and chairman of Hape. Years, 1986.

We have experienced a long-term transformation by a German ordinary kindergarten toy supplier who has turned into a world-renowned quality toy brand.

Today, the Hape registered trademark has become an international bamboo and wooden toy brand that is sold in more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

It is not only devoted to the development of beautiful toys, but also pays attention to the future of Mother Earth. It is committed to serving as the “environmental guardian of the industry” and strictly controls the source, process and terminal, and strives to reduce the environment to a large extent. Negative impact.

Children's furniture - Hape toys, started in Germany 27 years ago

For nearly three decades, Hape Toys has always been original, the group has brought together a group of outstanding designers from all over the world, using natural high-quality environmentally friendly materials and German manufacturing processes and standards, making each of Hape’s toys a childhood. A long companionship in life.

Hape (“hah-pay”), taking the initials of the founder to form the company and brand name, and taking the homonym Happy (happy), meaning to create a happy kingdom for children around the world.

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