Design principles for children’s furniture wardrobes

First, security

The most important part of children’s furniture is to be able to ensure the safety of children, because children are active and easy to get hurt, so children’s furniture design to ensure safety. The materials used must be green and environmentally friendly, and there must be no harmful substances. Second, the structure of the furniture is stable, able to withstand different forces of shaking and pressure.

Design principles for children's furniture wardrobes

Second, functional

The family face child’s room is his own small world, so the space must be large enough, so the children’s furniture must be smaller. Children’s furniture design should have a certain degree of functionality, first of all, follow the principle of class watching, can be suitable for children’s age and body. And also to be able to match and move at will, in order to change the shape of the room.

Three, fun

Curiosity and fun is the nature of children, children’s furniture to meet the child’s psychological characteristics, fun, set games, learning, practical functions in one, to meet children’s curiosity and desire to explore.

Four, the role of color

Children’s furniture design must have a certain color, which for curious children, can inspire their different ideas about the world.

Common children’s wardrobe sizes:

Children’s wardrobe size one: 1200 x 570 x 2000mm
Children’s wardrobe size two: 1205 x 580 x 2000mm
Children’s wardrobe size three: 800 x 555 x 1970mm
Children’s wardrobe size four: 1205 x 580 x 2000mm

Custom children’s wardrobe Note:

To be simple, do not talk about children’s rooms, ten or nine parents will choose bright colors of children’s furniture, but do not know that this is like letting children live in a chemical factory is exactly as terrible.

Design principles for children's furniture wardrobes

Put on the paint of the furniture with a bright coat, the brighter the color, the higher the harmful substance son containing lead. Children with such furniture for a long time, increasethed risk of treatment.

Therefore, should lock the color on the pure white and natural material swashes of the logs, the lead content is too high orange, yellow, green, brown and so on as little use, they let the children’s room will not be a trace of harmful gas beyond the standard. Even with such pure colors, harmless UV (UV) paint snares formaldehyde-free or harmful pigments to reduce the damage to your child to zero. We in such a children’s room, do not smell any special taste, this is suitable for children’s green life.

To be environmentally friendly, do not hurt in the wardrobe plate selection, should try to select natural materials, and the less processing process the better, so as to avoid a variety of chemicals in the indoor pollution. In addition, because children’s skin is delicate, internal organs and organs in high-speed long-term, therefore, when choosing paint to choose children’s special paint.

To be convenient, do not dangerous wardrobe in addition to having basic storage function, should try to design a safe location, reduce corners, to avoid poking children, and in height should be based on the height of the child to adjust the distribution of each functional area, convenient for children to take.

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