Healthy kids toys and baby toys, you should buy one for him!

Nowadays, most children live in a family with sufficient materials. Parents are also willing to buy toys that their children like, but children always have a characteristic, that is, “his new and tired”, often a toy does not like it in less than three days. Therefore, parents are increasingly investing in kids toys , and the toy industry is rapidly emerging. Then, if investors want to invest in the store at this time, you may wish to take a look at the 1-12-year-old kids toys, and introduce the necessary introductions.

Healthy children's toys and baby toys, you should buy one for him!

In fact, the toy is not the more the better, too many toys are easy to affect the child’s intellectual development, only the toys suitable for their age development, so that their intelligence has a better development. Below, the small series has been sorted according to different age stages, investors can refer to the choice.

0-6 months

The baby of 0-6 months is in the development stage of the brain and vision. At this time, the baby explores the world around him and also likes the toy that can make sound. At this time, the baby will often touch and grasp the surrounding objects by hand. This is exactly how he used his hand to get to know the world around him.

Recommended toys: ring, rattle, bed bell, fitness building, etc.

6-12 months

At this time, the baby already has a certain learning ability, and will slowly use the eyes and brain to explore the world. From crawling to practicing, they have a strong desire to explore and urge their development of athletic ability. At this time, parents can create a spacious activity space for children to crawl and walk.

Recommended toys: crawling blankets, tumblers, sets of cups, phone toys, etc.

1-2 years old

At this stage, the baby has begun to walk independently, and the language ability has developed rapidly. He can understand the words of the people around him and express simple words. At the same time, they have a concept of cognitive shapes, colors, etc., and are interested in numbers. At this point, parents can have more dialogue with their children, fully stimulating their language learning ability.

Recommended toys: story machine, picture book, building blocks, tapping toys, etc.

Healthy children's toys and baby toys, you should buy one for him!

3-6 years old

The baby at this stage already has his own ideas. When facing the same thing, they will have different body temperature. They like to imagine.

Recommended toys: puzzles, magnetic bars, plasticine, etc.

6 years old or older

Children over the age of 6 have already studied in kindergarten, and are in the stage of transition from specific image thinking to abstract logical thinking. At this time, children’s hobbies can be cultivated.

Recommended toys: logic toys, chess toys, etc.

Well, the above is “1 – 12-year-old kids toys Daquan, I hope to help everyone. Whether it is parents or toy dealers, we must choose toys according to the age of the children, not just blindly seeking more.

In addition to kids toys , we should also buy the children’s furniture correctly, especially the children’s bedroom furniture that often accompany the children is more careful to choose, safe children’s bedroom furniture is the first!

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