Is the safety of online shopping for children’s furniture guaranteed?

With the rapid development of online shopping, it has become common to purchase furniture and other items from e-commerce platforms. Diverse styles, low prices, convenient delivery services… In recent years, online children’s furniture has been favored by more and more parents because of its high cost performance.

However, a recent test has caused many people to worry about such products. According to the Beijing Consumers Protection Association’s safety project testing for children’s furniture products such as online children’s study tables and chairs, there are 13 sets of children’s tables and chairs, 13 kinds of study tables, 8 kinds of study chairs do not meet the requirements of national standards, the sample as a whole The non-conformity rate was as high as 52.5%; of the 20 crib samples, 16 products did not meet the standard, and the non-conformity rate was as high as 80%. It is particularly noteworthy that many well-known children’s furniture brands with high sales rankings are listed. The quality of children’s furniture products sold online is uneven, posing a potential risk to users. How to make consumers buy with confidence, use peace of mind, and urgently need to pay attention.

Is the safety of online shopping for children's furniture guaranteed?

Taking into account the child’s physical and mental characteristics, children’s bedroom furniture should meet more stringent requirements in terms of structural design, stability, and environmental protection index. In fact, as a mandatory national standard, the General Technical Conditions for Children’s Furniture specifically specifies the quality standards and safety requirements for children’s furniture, which are applicable to all markets and sales channels. However, in reality, online children’s furniture in terms of materials, sizes, accessories, etc., especially in terms of product quality, often differ from children’s furniture sold in physical stores. Businesses are not happy, online children’s furniture can seek price advantage, but must not sacrifice product quality and bury safety risks for the benefit maximization. For producers, strictly abide by the bottom line of law and integrity, strictly implement the production inspection and purchase inspection system in accordance with the law, and guarantee the quality of children’s furniture from the source in order to win the trust of consumers.

Reassure parents, but also can not do without the responsibility of the e-commerce platform. In online shopping transactions, because the specific physical objects are not visible, consumers can mainly refer to product images, sales and evaluations. Some e-commerce platforms lack a complete product quality review and consumer reporting mechanism, which provides an opportunity for unscrupulous merchants to place low-quality products on the platform, resulting in images that are inconsistent with the real thing, serious phenomenon of swiping the letter, and no return and exchange channels. There are frequent problems such as smooth. On January 1 this year, the “E-Commerce Law of the People’s Republic of China” was implemented, and a series of requirements were made for the business activities such as the Internet to sell goods or provide services. The e-commerce platform should fully fulfill its supervisory responsibility for children’s furniture online stores, carefully control the quality and evaluation of the products on the line, and strictly control the behavior of “selling by the times” or shuffling letters. At the same time, the e-commerce platform should also improve the reporting mechanism, smooth channels for safeguarding rights, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

It should be noted that some unscrupulous merchants are taking risks and are still relatively low in illegal costs. The Internet is not a place of extra-law, and child safety is no small matter. Relevant institutions such as market supervision departments and consumer rights protection organizations shall take measures to create synergies, and not only urge the e-commerce platform to dispose of problem merchants in a timely manner, but also strengthen the manufacturers and businesses that produce unqualified children’s furniture in accordance with laws and regulations. Responsible, completely cut off the channels of unqualified children’s furniture into the online sales platform, so that the lawless elements who attempt to earn “black money” in children are invisible.

Is the safety of online shopping for children's furniture guaranteed?

Children and young children are the flowers of the motherland and deserve better care. Working together to create a good online consumer environment for children’s furniture, children can stay away from inferior and unsafe children’s furniture products.

Children’s furniture sold online can seek price advantage, but must not sacrifice product quality and bury safety risks for the benefit maximization. Safe children’s bedroom furniture, give your child a happy childhood!

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