[kids furniture] The choice of kids toys – give him a wonderful childhood!

Parents buy kids toys for their children. To understand their hobbies, interests, etc., you can buy them and love them. Therefore, when purchasing kids toys, they should consider their age, interests and so on.

Children aged 3-5 (pre-school children) like to play with their children around them and like to share a variety of activities, especially imagining games and simple games.

[kids furniture] The choice of kids toys - give him a wonderful childhood!

They like to imitate the behavior of adults, such as using pretend money to buy things, imitating money and phone calls, playing with food toys, but also creating some imaginary places, such as shops, hospitals, etc.

New toy categories include transportation toys, chess, electronic toys, word-matching games, and larger outdoor toys, such as sports facilities and two-wheeled bicycles.

At this time, the child used his favorite toy not only as a playmate, but also as his protector. Many dolls, stuffed animal toys, etc. have helped children through difficult times. Children often express their confidence and express their emotions through toys.

3-5 year old kids toy selection suggestions:

Decorative items and accessories, small vehicles, puppets
Housekeeping, shops and medical toys, simple chess, beaded toys
Toys, farms, families, and other toy sets, set up toys, puzzles
Garden sports equipment, tape/CD player and tape/CD disk, wheeled toy
Storybooks, art: crayon, brush, color mud, paper
6-9 year old kids toy selection suggestions:

Models and handicrafts, scientific components, doll house
Puppets, marionettes and dramas, assembling toys, puzzles
Fashion and professional dolls, bicycles and helmets, magic items
Action and hero figures, tape drives and radios, multiple books
Sorghum, spring single stiletto, roller shoes with protection and skates
sports equipment, video games
Children around the age of 10 are quite independent, but they are active when playing with other children. Children of this age know how to use social skills for collaboration and negotiation.

Mastering the learning skills prompted them to pursue some intellectual and creative entertainment. This age is the time to develop personal abilities and hobbies, so give children some hobbies, craft toys, model sets, magic items, high-level building components, scientific components and puzzles.

[kids furniture] The choice of kids toys - give him a wonderful childhood!

In sports, children also demonstrate their ability to participate in various collective projects. The child’s social ability, intelligence level, and especially the ability to respond to the game are further strengthened by playing chess, cards, and video games.

Recommended for kids toys around 10 years old:

Cards and board games, sports equipment, billiards and billiards
Microscopes, telescopes and magnifiers, puzzles, model components
Crafts and handmade works, scientific components, video games
High-level plug-in assembly kit, art supplies, bicycles and helmets
Puppets, marionettes and dramas, magic items, books 6. Rollers and skates with protection, tape/CD player and radio.
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