The famous brand of Danish children’s furniture, the best year for children!

Founded in Denmark in 1972, FLEXA has been established in the past 40 years and has become one of the most influential children’s furniture brands in the world. FLEXA starts with children, so it pays more attention to children. All of its designs take into account the child’s safety and use, ensuring that children’s furniture products are comfortable and suitable for children.

FLEXA always insists on seeing the world from the perspective of children, and at the same time strives to provide children with better furniture choices in a professional development model. In 1972, the founder of FLEXA gave birth to a child’s idea that children’s furniture could be regrouped as the child grew older. Since then, he has focused on the development and production of children’s furniture, and eventually created the FLEXA brand in the Danish town (Horsens), FLEXA’s name is also flexible and flexible.Wardrobes are also important as a children’s bedroom furniture!

The famous brand of Danish children's furniture, the best year for children!

For the past forty years, FLEXA has been focusing on the design and production of children’s furniture, adhering to the model of professional development, and thus developing into an influential children’s furniture brand in the world. Take the Chinese market as an example. The target consumers of Freya are mostly between the ages of 3-12. At the same time, based on years of research, FLEXA found that mid- to high-end consumer households represented by middle-class people have special requirements for the quality of their products. They like Nordic simplicity. FLEXA specializes in children’s furniture and takes the high-end route, which is also distinguished from most of the children’s furniture brands in China.

FLEXA uses a century-old Scandinavian pine that grows in the alpine region above 60 degrees north latitude as a raw material. Due to the growth in the cold zone and the long age of the tree, the texture is hard and the quality is excellent. FLEXA’s harvesting and afforestation are carried out in a planned manner, and maintaining the sustainability of the forest is the primary responsibility and obligation of FLEXA. From the selection of raw materials to the terminal sales, the whole process is controlled by FLEXA, which greatly guarantees product quality and service, which is extremely rare in the furniture industry. Health and environmental protection is also the pursuit of FLEXA’s goals and competitiveness.

The famous brand of Danish children's furniture, the best year for children!

FLEXA children’s furniture uses natural materials and is environmentally friendly. The topcoat is treated with an advanced environmentally friendly UV layer. The UV coating does not contain toxic substances in accordance with European EN747 safety and strength standards and demanding European toy standards. FLEXA furniture is environmentally friendly furniture that has undergone strict safety testing and has been tested by German TUV/GS. The international certification issued is a system that can keep changing with your child’s growth.

FLEXA has evolved from the original recombinable children’s furniture collection to the overall children’s home system solution, which has gradually become a representative of children’s furniture R&D manufacturers. Since entering China in 1999, tens of thousands of Chinese children have chosen FLEXA products for their trust in more than 40 years. In the future, FLEXA will launch more products to meet consumers’ higher quality requirements for children’s furniture.FLEXA is the safe children’s bedroom furniture.

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