The function of kids toys? Toy selection criteria for children of different ages!

First, the four educational functions of kids toys As we all know, kids toys can promote children’s intelligence. Through the stimulation of children’s visual, auditory, tactile and motor sensations, various abilities are developed accordingly. In the toy game, the main development of the child’s four aspects of the ability:

The function of kids toys? Toy selection criteria for children of different ages!

(1) Great exercise: such as walking, running, jumping and balancing movements of the body;

(2) Fine movements: such as the skill of the hand, the coordinated movement of the eyes and hands;

(3) Self-service ability: If you dine, wear clothes and shoes, take care of yourself, do simple housework;

(4) Language ability: From the simple pronunciation to the dental language, and finally say the sentence, express your own meaning.

Because children are in the period of growth and development, children of different ages have different hobbies, understanding and acceptance. Because children of different ages should choose toys that match the age characteristics, so that kids toys can play a role in developing children’s intelligence.

Second, kids toys selection criteria for children of different ages:

0 to 4 months of birth: Choose a toy that is slightly larger, brighter or has a sound. Such as blowing plastic dolls, colored plastic balls and so on. These toys are extremely beneficial for nurturing babies.

5 to 10 months: Choose a hard plastic toy that can hold the hand, shake, make a move, or move around. Such as animal rattles, rattles, ring bells, etc., is conducive to the development of children’s fine motor skills.

November to 18: Choose a mobile, sounding toy. Such as small carts, dragging toys, to improve children’s interest in walking, you can also choose small animal toys, dolls, building blocks, small ferrules, small baskets, etc., so that children can understand things, exercise eye-hand coordination ability.

From 18 months to 3 years old: the choice of kids toys can be wider. Such as small benches, small cutlery, small buckets, etc. Help children understand the attributes and characteristics of things by touching the objects and comparing them with toys. At this time, you can also choose some toys suitable for outdoor activities for your child. Such as driving cars, big balls, etc., to exercise and develop large motor functions.

The function of kids toys? Toy selection criteria for children of different ages!

4 to 5 years old: choose kids toys with simple plots: such as dolls, it is best to have four limbs, eyes can rotate, clothes can be worn off, and small cookware, medical equipment, etc., to attract children’s interest and develop their imagination;

5 to 6 years old: Choose some intellectual kids toys. Such as plasticine, building blocks, intellectual disassembly trucks, flower curve boards, animal drawing boards, six-sided puzzles, animal cards, computing toys, game sticks, plastic puzzles, etc., to develop children’s ingenuity. In addition, you can choose some simple chess. Such as checkers, flying chess, sports chess, etc., to inspire children’s desire for knowledge, and promote the development of thinking.

Also, it is important to choose safe children’s furniture for your child!

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