These children’s furniture are harming kids!

The furniture of “children’s furniture News” is harming children! When choosing furniture, I also want to study the health and safety of my family.

There will be a lot of furniture in the house, and many people will buy a lot of furniture to enrich the day in order to increase the warmth of their home. But not all furniture is suitable for you, and some families can affect your health.So today I will say that these children’s furniture are harming kids!

First, these children’s furniture are harming kids!

These children's furniture are harming kids!

1, Creeping cushion

In the production process, the plastic added with formamide, the volume will become larger, the weight will be reduced, which can save costs, but the damage is huge, and it is an irreversible life-long hazard! Formamide is as volatile as the healthy killer formaldehyde known to us. Sexuality, and metabolism in the body is very slow, long-term days in the environment of formaldehyde volatilization will cause huge damage to the body.

Every day, the baby plays on the mat. During the lust period, he likes to bite things. Many of them are used on the mat. The skin and mouth of the body will directly contact the formamide, which will irritate the eyes and skin and harm the respiratory tract and organs. It also creates irreversible damage to the reproductive system.

2, too low bed

440mm is the healthy height (measured by the height of the quilt from the ground). Whether the height of the bed is suitable depends mainly on the height of the user’s knee. When sitting naturally, your feet can be raised 1-2 cm above the ground. The bed is too low, and the legs can’t be naturally relaxed when sitting on the edge of the bed. In the long run, the legs will be kneaded. The bed surface is simply damp, and when people sleep, they also inhale some dust on the ground.

3, too short table

When standing, spread your hands flat and the distance between the palm and the ground is the height that best suits your table. If the table is too short, the upper body will not help but kneel on the table, the head will follow down, long bend down, the spine, waist, neck is very simple and therefore sore and tired, even when it is serious, it can cause spinal disease, waist Muscle strain, cervical spondylosis and other diseases.

These children's furniture are harming kids!

4, uncomfortable chair

The height difference between the table and chair is between 280mm and 300mm. The height below the desk is not less than 580mm and the width is not less than 520mm.

These children’s furniture are harming kids! When sitting on a chair with both feet flat, if the thigh is parallel to the ground and the calf can be substantially perpendicular to the ground, the height of the chair is appropriate.

The chair is too close to the ground, the person sits on it, the legs are difficult to straighten, the lower limbs are in a bent state, the joints of the legs can not be relaxed, and the legs, waist and arms are extremely tired, and may cause some waist diseases and joints. The occurrence of inflammation.

I hope you can remember that these children’s furniture are harming kids! Be sure to buy furniture carefully!

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