What kind of material is used for safe children’s bedroom furniture?

Children’s furniture is important, and now there are many inferior pieces of furniture that can harm our lives! Therefore, it is important to know how to buy children’s furniture correctly! Today we mainly talk about safe children’s bedroom furniture, I invite you to participate and express your opinions! What kind of material is used for safe children’s bedroom furniture?

What kind of material is used for safe children’s bedroom furniture? Plate type:

The panel furniture is characterized by its rich and varied colors, free and flexible space combination, simple and stylish appearance, free and unrestrained lines, bright and fresh colors, full of fashion passion. The combination of different children’s furniture can fully satisfy the modern people’s pursuit of personal taste and the needs of healthy home life. But the only drawback is that it is not environmentally friendly, and children happen to be more environmentally friendly.

What kind of material is used for safe children’s bedroom furniture? Solid wood:

The color of solid wood furniture is natural, maintaining the natural color of the wood, the texture is clear and beautiful; the shape is simple and generous, the lines are full and smooth, and the texture is good and good; the elasticity and the permeability are strong, the thermal conductivity is good and the maintenance is simple.

Expert advice: wooden materials to maintain the original color of wood, natural and simple, environmentally friendly, mostly belong to high-end children’s furniture.

Non-wood materials are mostly synthetic materials, which are stylish in appearance and low in price. However, due to the application of some chemical materials in the process of material synthesis, they have environmental protection hazards. Consumers are advised to choose natural wood furniture or some well-known brands of non-wood furniture when choosing children’s furniture.

The professional brand children’s furniture matching are all made of Nordic natural solid wood and the world’s most advanced uv paint varnish process, in line with the most stringent environmental standards, even if the child bites, it will not cause any harm to the body.

Look at the scars. All solid wood furniture has natural color difference, and its color and texture have certain differences. The appearance of solid wood veneer furniture is few, and its texture is clear and even better than solid wood furniture.

What kind of material is used for safe children's bedroom furniture?

Consumers can use the texture and knots of solid wood to look at the corresponding positions on the exterior and back, respectively. If the correspondence is good, it is pure solid wood. In addition, looking at scars is also a good way to identify pure wood, optimistic about the location of the scar side, and then find the corresponding texture on the other side.

Seriously ask if the furniture is all solid wood, where the MDF is used. Ordinary solid wood furniture usually uses eucalyptus, white oak, ash, eucalyptus, eucalyptus, rubber wood, eucalyptus, while precious mahogany furniture mainly uses rosewood, wenge, and rosewood.

The market for solid wood furniture is rather chaotic, and there are often things that are shoddy and confusing trees. It is best to buy brand-name products. At the same time, it should be noted that the price of wood is rising day by day, and it is absolutely cheap to be too cheap.

Knocking a few times on the wooden surface, the solid wooden parts give a crisper sound, while the artificial board sounds low.

Smell the furniture. Most woods have the aroma of tree species, pine has a rosin flavor, cedar wood has a light fragrance, and eucalyptus has a distinctly eucalyptus taste. However, fiberboard and MDF will have a strong pungent odor, especially in cabinet doors or drawers, which are easier to distinguish.

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